What We do

We are equipped to handle your project from concept to stitch, or anywhere in between. To simplify the process, we break our services into three specific sections: Design, Development & Production

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So you've had a spark of genius?


Whether you're in the rough sketch phase, or have a detailed concept, Wallace James Clothing Company will help elevate your idea to development readiness. From trend analysis to sizing, we're here to move the process forward.



Before you dive in, test the water.


It's always best to do a little shopping around. Does anyone have your idea already in production? Who is your potential customer, and what makes your product different from all the rest? There are a lot of questions to ask, and when you're posing the right ones, tangible success isn't far behind. 



Without a concept, you're at
sea with no anchor.


Clothing design requires stronger concept direction than most industries. There are a lot of working parts, and it is crucial they function seamlessly throughout the phases of design, production and distribution. Before needle meets fabric, let us take a look. 


Design For Production

It's all in the details.


There comes a point in the production process where your concept moves beyond an intangible idea. The logistics of production create rules that determine what we can and cannot do. Without stunting the creative process, we've built a foundation that allows for both free-form thinking, and practical scalability. 



A sketch is one thing, a sketch you use is another.


Sketching is the most efficient way to collaborate, design, and evolve your concept. At some point these sketches need to bridge the gap from your idea to your sample. They are the blueprint for every ounce of work you've put in up to this point. It's great if you've got that covered, but don't worry if you need help. 



Who will wear this—and how
will they want it to fit?


Before moving into the development process, it is imperative to get sizing addressed correctly. Knowing your target customer is a vital step to understanding this process. By answering these questions in the beginning stages of the design process, we ensure accurate fits across assortments — meaning a happy [repeat] customer. 



Development Process

It's all coming together...


As your design comes to fruition, there is quite a bit of time spent refining the idea itself. Through the development process, we analyze design elements, and establish a foundation that moves us towards production readiness. 


Technical Packages

Let's dot the (i's) and cross the (t's).


The tech pack is your garments manual. Throughout the development phase, it will serve as an ongoing record of your progress, and a guideline for finishing the job. Getting this step done correctly is imperative. We love creating tech packs, and even more than that, we love watching them evolve.


Pattern Making

The foundation for a quality product.


A good pattern maker is irreplaceable. The best have an ability to affect every tangible outcome for your garment. At Wallace James, we are proud to have some of the best in the industry. Through this process, we see your idea come to life. 



Okay, it's time to fine-tune.


This is an industry founded on detail orientation. Nowhere is this trait more vital than the creation of a prototype. It is here that we move the process into the third dimension. We sit with the designer, we fit to models, and we perfect the angles. Simply put, we infuse your garment with the human element. 



When it feels like they made it just for you...


Having a fit model is crucial. Whether we pair you with a model—or you've got one in mind—now is the time fit your garment to the people meant to wear it.


Sample Making

Would you wear this? 


We're assuming you want to make more than one of these? With that in mind, let's get you a sample to drum up some orders. Or, perhaps you'd simply like some product testing feedback from your ambassadors. We can do that.



The wonders of technology.


Perhaps you've come to us with patterns already made. That's great—let us digitize them into our computers. This allows us to audit, sample, or create a marker. Plus, you can't spill coffee on the cloud...


Production Capabilities

Let's fill those shelves.


Your samples are complete, orders have been placed, and it's time to hit the shelves. Whether we played a part in getting you to this point or not, Wallace James is committed to fulfilling your order on the foundation of quality and timeliness. 



If only we were all the same size.


It sure would make our lives easier, but obviously that's not the case. At this point you have your prototype perfected, your samples well received, and orders in the pipeline. Unfortunately, "sample size six" doesn't fit on everyone. We started in the middle. But now your garment must be scaled. 


Marker Making

Who doesn't love puzzles?


We've erased the need to trace patterns by hand. Instead, we create an intricate puzzle of pattern pieces across all sizes—we call this a marker. From here, we print it out to be used as a template when cutting. Plus, we're reducing waste—what's not to love about reducing waste?



Think you have a steady hand?


This is a meticulous process requiring substantial skill and attention to detail. Your fabric spread, analyzed for imperfections, and spliced when necessary. Then the marker lays on top, and we're ready to cut.   


Production Sewing

It's all defined by a needle and thread.


Now we need to put the pieces together. For production sewing we typically require a minimum of 50 garments per color, per style. If you can work with that, we can work for you. We have a skilled team of sewers, most of whom have gone through the Woman's United Around the World sewing program (based right here at Wallace James). This ensures quality of standards and quality of workplace atmosphere. 

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