What clients are saying

“As a new company, Wallace James has been with us every step of the way - from pre-design ideas to production-ready! They have been generous with their expertise, invested in our success and are truly lovely people to collaborate with.”

- Katherine Hartsell of Jai Dee Dancewear.

“Wallace James’ industry and product expertise have helped us make massive strides towards our branding and production goals. Their hands-on approach has helped reduce the stresses that come along with running a startup.”

- Charlie and Owen of Go.Co.

“After working with other small batch production facilities I can truly say that it has been a great pleasure working with Kim and her team at Wallace James. Kim and her dedicated team have helped me take my design from a rough sample to a beautifully crafted garment. Wallace James’s thorough follow through and attention to detail has made the process seamless. As our relationship grows, I find Wallace James to be irreplaceable.” -

- Wendy Doughty of Fred