We Had An Idea.

The Problem.

As aspiring designers we found a common disconnect in the process of building our own collections. We conceptualize projects and dial in specifics, only to send them to the other side of the world to be produced. In the past few decades, large scale corporate business models have perfected the bottom line of garment factories. This in turn has left independent designers — who produce smaller collections — without a platform.

Where does this leave the designer?

Inevitably, designers are forced to work for large brands who have the capital investment to fund large scale production runs. Either this, or they seek private investors to fund their own line, which can be a risky proposition. This has created a dilemma for today's emerging designers. The design, development, and production processes of our industry have been fragmented. We've found a better way.    

Concept to Stitch.

Wallace James Clothing Company provides the ability to design, develop, and produce garments, all under one roof. By offering domestic small run capability, designers are able to free their creative, exploratory process without the looming risks inherent in mass production factories. Markets can be tested and garments can be developed to perfection, without the worry of high minimums or low demand. Our philosophy and scalability allows you to grow with us, and at your pace. 


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