How we work: established brands

An Analytical Partnership for Scale

Your brand is in a good place, but you found yourself in over your head with certain aspects of your development or production. Perhaps you have quality issues with existing product, a sampling process that takes forever or a supply chain that is too segmented (and too costly) — to name just a few problems that a lot of brands tend to face.

Our team at Wallace James can step in and take the reigns. We start by evaluating your current process to determine how to efficiently make changes. From there we execute anything from design concepting, pattern and fit engineering, technical development, vendor onboarding, cost analysis and production.



The Solutions You Need

We’ll help to solve the Pain Points you’re facing, which most likely include (but definitely aren’t limited to):


Typical Pain Points

  • You’re wearing too many hats or are in the weeds, and you realize you need to offload and get more experienced help in some (or all) departments of the development/ production process.

    2. You aren’t satisfied with your current supply chain in any of the following: quality, cost, complexity, offerings or lead times.

    3. You need a more efficient turn-around time to get you to market faster.

    4. You need help with fit corrections or "fixing" an existing development issue domestically before going into production overseas.

    5. You need contract help for a new collection, and don’t want to hire a full-time designer or technical team.

Wallace James Solutions

  • We are experienced in all aspects of the garment life cycle and our teams are well equipped to handle any part of the process that isn't getting done well.

    2. Wallace James has a wide network of mills, vendors and production facilities across the United States and overseas. We maintain relationships with all our partners to ensure that the right product is matched with the right network of suppliers. We also evaluate your process to determine how to efficiently streamline and find cost saving solutions.

    3. Wallace James’ sample room provides speed-to-market options for our larger clients. Often times clients use us to test new patterns before sending overseas, or to showcase samples at sales meetings, etc. We are much faster than waiting for samples to come back and forth from overseas vendors.

    4. We specialize in fit and pride ourselves on getting it right from the start. Often times garments become building blocks, so modeling a new garment off one that doesn't fit well can be problematic.

    5. One of the (many) nice things about working with us is not having the burden of putting more people on payroll. Our teams can execute everything from design concepting, pattern and fit engineering, technical development, vendor onboarding, cost analysis and production.


Hire Us - we look forward to working with you!