How we work: EMERGING brands

A Comprehensive Design Solution to get you off the ground.

The design, development and production process, especially for a new brand, can be daunting. And unfortunately many entrepreneurs and brands don’t find this out until they’re already in the thick of it. Wallace James is here to lead you through every step of this complex process.

We start off by sitting down and asking you a ton of questions (seriously, a ton). No two businesses are the same, so we’ll identify your unique pain points (and dreams), walk you through what you can expect, and come up with a collaborative plan on how to launch a scalable and successful brand.

The Process


We’ll help you solve for the “typical” pain points that come up along the way.


Typical Pain Points

  • You have a great idea but don’t have the experience to bring it to life without help.

  • From raw materials to production facilities, you’ve found it difficult to make sourcing connections at cost, and end up spending too much money.

  • You don’t have the experience to design for a cost effective production line, develop fit specifications or communicate with a pattern maker.

  • You’ve never worked with a factory before and are therefore not familiar with industry language.

  • Due to the size of your business, you can’t reach large minimums for raw materials or production units.

Wallace James Solutions

  • Our research, creative expertise and industry experience will begin to shape the identity of your garment or collection so that it aligns with your vision and ensures success in the market.

  • We have a vast library of material sources to pull from for each client. We are continuously building this library and developing new relationships with vendors across the United States and abroad.

  • We have an extensive construction knowledge and understand how to design products so that they can be replicated at a cost effective and quality driven price.

  • Our team communicates directly with all your vendors on your behalf. We ask the right questions, keep them on a timeline and manage expectations. But we also involve you in the process so you can begin to build a relationship with vendors and better understand the process along the way.

  • We can work with as low as 30 units per color per style because we know the right factories who are willing to make this happen.


We know YOUR process doesn’t stop with us.

So you’re on your way to building a great apparel brand that aligns with your vision.

There are a trillion other things to think about for your business and we know that; we've been in the weeds with these decisions too. We'll spare you the agony and connect you with trusted resources so you don't lose any momentum:

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